Jun 22, 2021 . 3 years ago

How the Pandemic Continues to Influence Haiti

Throughout 2020 & lingering into 2021, all of our lives worldwide have been affected in one way or another by the pandemic. Many individuals lost their jobs, some lost loved ones, and we all had to accommodate differently to take precautions. While we are faced with hardships throughout the pandemic, it is important to recognize the resources we are blessed with. 

In the United States, we have resources to help us during times of great need. Such as unemployment benefits, food support programs, stimulus checks, easy access to vaccinations, working remotely, and the list goes on. We do recognize there are flaws in the systems. As a whole though, there are many blessings with the resources available at our fingertips. 

For the United States and some other developed countries, circumstances have been looking on the bright side. Many people are receiving the vaccination, individuals are returning to work, and a sense of normalcy is returning. Unfortunately, this is not the case for all people around the world. 

While COVID-19 is loosening its grip in some areas, its effects are still causing problems. The Washington Post published an article covering information that UNICEF shared about the effects of the pandemic on children in Haiti. Here are some of the facts according to UNICEF

– Severe acute childhood malnutrition is expecting to more than double this year in Haiti. More than 86,000 children under age 5 could face effects, comparing to 41,000 reported last year.
– Acute malnutrition in kids younger than 5 in Haiti has risen 61%, with some 217,000 children expected to suffer from it this year, compared with 134,000 last year.
– About 4.4 million of Haiti’s more than 11 million inhabitants lack sufficient food, including 1.9 million children.

While our work at LiveBeyond has always been important, now more than ever, our services and resources are needed for the individuals of Haiti. We are continuing to work hard to provide proper healthcare and nutrition to those in need in Thomazeau, Haiti. 

If you would like to support LiveBeyond in our effort to provide resources to the individuals of Thomazeau, Haiti, you can do so by clicking here to donate today! Your donations help us provide healthcare, nutrition, and education to the women and children of Thomazeau, Haiti. Together, we will change the world one life at a time. 

Thank you for your support, encouragement, and prayers!

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