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How To Help Israel and Palestine Now

In times of crisis, every bit of support counts. Israel and Palestine continue facing numerous challenges, and there are various ways you can help. This guide will walk you through different methods of providing assistance, from immediate actions to long-term commitments, with a focus on how LiveBeyond is caring for individuals and families affected by disability throughout the region.

1. Understand the Current Situation

Political and Social Climate

Palestine and Israel are enduring a period of political unrest, economic struggles, and social instability. These conditions have a severe impact on communities, making daily life difficult and creating urgent humanitarian needs.

Humanitarian Needs

Key areas requiring immediate assistance include:

– Healthcare: Medical supplies, treatments, and rehabilitation.

– Food Security: Ensuring that families have access to nutritious food.

– Shelter: Providing safe and secure housing.

2. Immediate Actions to Support Displaced People

Donate to LiveBeyond

LiveBeyond is dedicated to supporting individuals and families affected by disability in Palestine and Israel. 

Your donations help provide:

– Medical Care: Physical therapy, rehabilitation, and specialized treatments.

– Educational Support: Access to inclusive education and resources.

–  Community Integration: Programs promoting social inclusion and acceptance.

Donate to LiveBeyond here.

3. Spiritual and Emotional Support

Prayer and Faith-Based Support

Organizing prayer groups within your church or community to pray for peace and healing in Palestine and Israel can be a powerful form of support.

Helping Palestine and Israel requires a multifaceted approach, from immediate donations and volunteer work to long-term educational and cultural support. Every action makes a difference.

Join LiveBeyond in supporting this region during this critical time. Your contributions, whether through donations, volunteering, or advocacy, can bring hope and healing to those in need, especially individuals and families affected by disability.

Learn more and get involved.

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