Mar 05, 2020 . 4 years ago

How We Do It: Food Distribution

How Does LiveBeyond Distribute Food to 3,000 Children per Day?

Have you ever wondered how LiveBeyond distributes so much food to so many children? Dr. Vanderpool talks with Guitaud Joseph about his role in the food distribution to show you how we do it.


DMV: Hi, LiveBeyond family. Welcome to the LiveBeyond base in Haiti. I’ve got Guitaud Joseph here, and he’s in charge of our feeding program. Many of you have asked how we feed 3,000 kids a day. And Guitaud, here, is in charge of our feeding program, so I’m going to let him explain that to you. So, Guitaud, tell me how many boxes of food you’re distributing today.

GJ: Yeah, today we’re going to deliver 146 food for schools outside.

DMV: 146 boxes, that’s 107 meals per box, so that’s well over 15,000 meals just for the 5 days in this week. That’s quite a bit, about 3,000 a day. And how many schools will you distribute this food to?

GJ: We have 15 schools we give food, but then we have more schools [that] keep asking for help, but we don’t have enough food to give them. But we ask you, pray [that] you give us more food to give the schools because we have a lot of starving kids that really need food but, not yet, they are not in the program. But right now we have 15 schools we give food.

DMV: That’s fantastic. We have 15 schools that we’re feeding. These are all children that don’t have food during the day. They typically don’t eat breakfast, they don’t have lunch at school. Their first meal may be dinner at night. So, can you imagine going the entire school day without food? So this food that Guitaud is distributing comes from Convoy of Hope, a fantastic organization that we partner with. They supply this food for us. But as Guitaud says, there’s many more schools that need food, but we just don’t have enough. So we’re wanting to get more food to more children so that they can learn so much better. These children are really struggling with their starvation. We thank you so much for listening to us today. This is how we do it.
Can you imagine going the entire school day without food?

We are so thankful for our partnership with Convoy of Hope! Thanks to their generosity, all the food that we get from them is completely free. However, we still have to pay to ship it to Haiti.

We spend on average $8,500 for shipping each container every six weeks. We ship about 8 times per year. So what can you do? You can help us in our effort to raise $68,000 to ensure that children in Thomazeau don’t continue to go hungry!

If you’d like to give to the Nutrition effort, you can do so here.

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