Mar 05, 2020 . 4 years ago

How You Can Ensure That Children with Special Needs Know Their Worth

What does having special needs mean in Haiti?

Meet Bady. He has special needs. And he has tremendous value in the eyes of Jesus.

Imagine you are someone with special needs in Haiti.

You are convinced that you don’t have a future, and, not only that, but everyone in your community thinks that you are worthless and cursed.

That is what life is like for many people with special needs in Haiti.

Their days consist of sitting on a chair or on the dirt. They don’t have a future. Many don’t get to go to school, and most don’t receive the therapy and medical care they need.

Because of the voodoo culture, these children are seen as cursed and not worth taking care of, so they are pushed aside and forgotten. 

We believe that no one, adult or child, should feel forgotten or neglected. No child of God should feel ashamed of how God made them.

At LiveBeyond, we know the value of people, especially children with special needs. We want parents and communities to see these kids as valuable and worthy of love and respect. 

You can be the difference for a child with special needs in Haiti.

You can ensure that these kids have a bright future. By sponsoring a child in the Johnny’s Kids program, you can guarantee that these children have the ability to go to school and learn, they can have access to trained physical and occupational therapists, and that they will have not only a future but a bright future. Give to the Johnny’s Kids program today and ensure that children with special needs are given the care and opportunity that they deserve.


Meet Chenielo.

This is Chenielo. Chenielo was born with a physical disability. He is unable to walk on his feet, however, he can get around very quickly on his hands. Before being introduced into the Johnny’s Kids program, Chenielo wasn’t able to attend school, even though he is mentally capable. His physical disability prevented him from being allowed to go consistently. So his days consisted of staying at home all day and doing absolutely nothing.

He was born different, therefore he was an outcast.

Today, Chenielo is attending school at the LiveBeyond school and is doing extremely well. Every day he gets to go to school with his friends who completely accept him. He is taught by qualified teachers who want him to learn. Not only this, but he is also getting the physical therapy he needs to fine-tune the strength in his arms and become even more mobile than he already is. You can help kids just like Chenielo when you sponsor a child in the Johnny’s Kids program.

Be the difference in the life of a child with special needs today by becoming a Johnny’s Kids sponsor!

If you want to get involved and help change the lives of children with special needs in Haiti, there are a few things you can do. You can sponsor a child with special needs so that they can be in the Johnny’s Kidsprogram. You can come meet the kids and their teachers in our program by joining us on a mission trip to Haiti. Another option is to have a supply drive. You and your church/small group or your family can donate therapy or school supplies off of our Amazon wishlist that will be sent down to Thomazeau. These things are so important to the development of these children mentally and physically. Learn more about the Johnny’s Kids program here.

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