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Improving Access to Quality Maternal Healthcare

Mother’s Day is a special day that honors and celebrates mothers. It is a day to recognize the critical role that mothers play in the life of their families, communities & society. LiveBeyond salutes mothers everywhere and celebrates the incredible impact they have on our lives.

Maternal Healthcare in Haiti

Unfortunately, not all women have access to the resources they need for a positive and healthy maternal experience. In poverty-stricken countries like Haiti, women often lack access to adequate healthcare and support during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. As a result, maternal mortality rates are unacceptably high. According to the United Nations, in 2020, “every two minutes, a woman died during pregnancy or childbirth.”

Haiti is particularly affected by high maternal mortality rates due to a lack of access to healthcare and a shortage of doctors, nurses, and midwives specialized in maternal health. A report by The Permanent Journal states that “the number of physicians, nurses, and midwives is only 4 per 10,000 population” in Haiti.  A mother who goes through pregnancy and delivery without a medical professional is at a much greater risk of experiencing complications and negative maternal outcomes. According to a Unicef report, “only 42% of deliveries are attended by a provider skilled in obstetrics” in Haiti. This lack of resources means many women do not receive the care they need to prevent or treat complications during pregnancy and childbirth.

The World Health Organization reports that “five factors contribute to 80% of maternal deaths in low- and middle-income countries: heavy bleeding after birth, hypertension, infections, obstructed labor, and unsafe abortions.” Without access to adequate healthcare and support, many women are at risk of experiencing these complications.

LiveBeyond’s Work in Maternal Healthcare

The Maternal Health Program staff is working hard to address these challenges and improve maternal health in Thomazeau, Haiti. LiveBeyond believes all women deserve a healthy and positive maternal experience. The Maternal Health Program staff provides mothers in the community with high-quality maternal care, nutritious food and maternal supplements. But most importantly, they share the love and hope of Jesus Christ with them. The program aims to increase access to maternal healthcare at every stage of pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum, and to improve a mother’s overall health with nutritional support and maternal supplements. The Maternal Health program also teaches mothers the knowledge and skills to practice a healthy lifestyle at home for themselves and their children. The Maternal Health Program staff is determined to decrease maternal complications and deaths due to preventable or treatable causes. 

LiveBeyond’s Maternal Health Program has already achieved significant maternal health outcomes in Thomazeau. Thanks to the hardworking Haitian doctors, nurses and staff, 1400 mothers receive high-quality medical care, maternal supplements, nutritional support and maternal health education each week! In 2022, 264 new babies were born into the Maternal Health Program. Because of these extraordinary efforts, the maternal mortality rate in Thomazeau has decreased by 73%! Mothers are experiencing better overall health and positive pregnancies and deliveries. The staff is determined to continue providing mothers in the Thomazeau community with the best maternal healthcare & support possible.

One way the Maternal Health Program staff wants to expand and improve services is by offering maternal and infant vaccinations. The vaccine initiative is the next step in providing an even higher quality of maternal healthcare in Thomazeau. By providing maternal vaccinations, the Maternal Health Program staff can decrease the chance of infection or complications and improve the quality of life for mothers and their babies. That is why this year’s Mother’s Day Campaign will support the Maternal Health Program vaccination initiative.

Mother’s Day Campaign

This year’s Mother’s Day Campaign will help provide mothers in Thomazeau with maternal vaccinations. Giving to the vaccine initiative helps ensure that mothers in Thomazeau receive the maternal healthcare they need to have safe and healthy pregnancies, deliveries, and postpartum experiences. The 2023 Mother’s Day Campaign will fund 

– Purchasing specialized equipment for proper storage of the vaccinations

– Hiring new medical staff to provide and manage the vaccination services

– Purchasing vaccinations through 2023 

Donate Today! 

Making vaccinations available to mothers and children in the Maternal Health Program will continue improving their quality of life and decreasing maternal and infant mortality.

LiveBeyond is committed to improving maternal health in Thomazeau, Haiti. We will ensure that every mother has access to the resources she needs for a positive and healthy maternal experience. With your support and encouragement, the Maternal Health Program staff can continue to make progress in reducing maternal mortality rates, improving maternal and infant health, and building healthy and thriving communities.

As a supporter of LiveBeyond, thank you for being a key part of creating positive change. Your donations make a difference, and we appreciate it! We know that LiveBeyond and the Maternal Health Program are making a positive impact because of your support.

When mothers are healthy, families, societies, and economies see short-term and long-term benefits. Access to vaccinations and maternal care has a positive impact on women, their families and their communities. This Mother’s Day, let us celebrate and honor all mothers around the world and let us work together to ensure that every mother has the healthcare and support she needs to thrive. If you would like to help provide vaccinations to mothers in Haiti, give to the Mother’s Day Campaign here.

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