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Improving Quality of Life

Somehow it is already December, and Christmas is just around the corner, which means end-of-year giving is here too. So many amazing supporters are remarkably generous during this time of year, and LiveBeyond is always incredibly grateful for every dollar given!

This year, all end-of-year donations will go toward finishing out our most impactful year to date and launching 2023 with even more momentum. 2022 has been an incredibly impactful year for LiveBeyond, and we want to share all the outstanding details with you. The quality of life of so many individuals in Haiti and Isreal has been and continues to be transformed in 2022. And the extraordinary news is that this transformation doesn’t have to end in 2022… with your help and support, we can have an even more significant impact in 2023.

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Our Progress In 2022

Maternal Health Program

– Provided medical care to 650 new mothers

– Assisted 178 new births

– The maternal mortality rate in Thomazeau has decreased by 73%

– Infant birth weight rates have increased

– The infant mortality rate in Thomazeau has decreased by 50%

With improved health, mothers and children in the Maternal Health Program can experience an enhanced quality of life that will benefit their family’s well-being and the communities growth. Women and children in Haiti deserve to live healthy and thriving lives. With your help, we can continue to bring maternal and infant mortality numbers down. 

LiveBeyond School

– 175 Students! Most students ever enrolled!

– 6 New teachers hired this year

– 29 Teachers, aids, and administrators 

– 100% Pass rate on national exams! Our students are bright!

A free and high-quality education at the LiveBeyond school prepares students with the skills and tools to have better career opportunities as adults. We are preparing our students to the highest degree possible so their potential to get a good job and improve their financial status increases exponentially. This will have an extraordinary generational impact on our student’s families and the community. Too many children in Haiti do not receive an education that increases their potential for professional and personal success. Your giving to LiveBeyond will provide more children with an education that opens doors to superior professional opportunities that can lead to positive economic outcomes for families and the economy.   

Johnny’s Kids

– 30 Students enrolled! Most students ever enrolled!

– 5 Students mainstreamed to the LiveBeyond School

– 5 Teachers and staff

Children with disabilities in the Thomazeau community have a safe and nurturing learning environment at Johnny’s Kids. LiveBeyond is creating an atmosphere of love, protection, and support for children with disabilities and teaching the community to do the same. Children with disabilities get left out of learning and community opportunities too often in Haiti. Your donation to LiveBeyond will help us to continue providing a space for acceptance and growth for children of all abilities. 

Nutrition Program

– Food provided for more than 7,000 weekday meals at the LiveBeyond School and other area schools, & the Maternal Health Program

– 115 Employees receive breakfast, lunch, and nutritious food for their families

– 100% of our target region in the Thomazeau community has access to clean water. 

Too many people in Haiti suffer from malnutrition and other illnesses that result from malnutrition. LiveBeyond efforts decrease hunger in Thomezeau by providing meals to women, children, and families. The trickle-down effect of healthy members in a community results in more positive outcomes among families, social structures, and the economy. When you partner with LiveBeyond, you are helping to improve the quality of life for the people of Thomazeau.

LiveBeyond Church

– 15 Ordained Deacons 

– Over 500 baptisms! That’s 500 new believers in the family of God!

– Deacons are bringing new children and women to LiveBeyond programs

The LiveBeyond Church is a place of love and hope in Thomazeau. Community members attending the LiveBeyond Church are growing in their faith and knowledge of scripture. Church members are learning to love and serve their families and neighbors as Jesus loves them. The number of people in Haiti that do not know the love of God and the hope that is found in Jesus is too high. When you support LiveBeyond, you are helping us share the Gospel and be the hands and feet of Jesus.


– 70 Families receiving services – That’s 260 individuals eating healthier!

– 1 Speech Pathologist hired

– 2 Administrators hired

– Newly renovated Johnny’s Kids Center

At Johnny’s Kids Israel, children receive various therapies to improve physical mobility and stability. Children also have the chance to learn in a nurturing environment with caring teachers. The community outreach in the outskirts of Jerusalem is helping families in need with resources and nutritious food supplies so they can have healthier and more vital lives. Cognitive or physical disabilities should not be a roadblock for people to lead fulfilled and healthy lives. Your donation allows LiveBeyond to serve and love people with disabilities in Israel. 


Wow! This year has been full of loving and serving people in Haiti and Israel. Your support this far has made LiveBeyond’s work possible. There are still people in Haiti and Israel who face many trials and hardships daily. We need your continued help to improve the quality of life for those who need it most. This December, choose to make a Christmas donation to LiveBeyond. Together we can bless the people God has called us to serve in Haiti and Israel. Click here to donate today!
Our successes in 2022 will lead to an even more impactful year in 2023! Stay tuned for updates regarding 2023 plans and efforts. To help us finish out this year stronger than ever before and set us up for success as we launch into 2023, please visit our website or our online donation page today.

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