Feb 21, 2023 . 1 year ago

Johnny’s Kids Israel: A Success Story

LiveBeyond believes that children of all abilities deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential. All children should have opportunities to learn and grow. That is why LiveBeyond created the Johnny’s Kids program! This program has been focused on providing a nurturing and loving space for children with disabilities to learn and grow. We originally started this program at the LiveBeyond base in Thomazeau, Haiti & in recent years have expanded into Jerusalem, Israel. 

The LiveBeyond Israel staff has been hard at work to grow the Johnny’s Kids program and implement necessary resources for the children and families. With their hard work and dedication, it brings us joy to share stories of success with you!

This is Sally’s story about her experience in the Johnny’s Kids program. Sally entered the Johnny’s Kids program just a few short months ago because she has a learning disability that keeps her from attending school with her peers. Due to her learning disability, Sally had a hard time pronouncing the letter ‘L’ along with other speech difficulties, which inhibited her from properly saying her name. 

The LiveBeyond speech therapist and teacher worked alongside Sally to help her start improving her speech. Today, she now has the ability to pronounce her own name correctly! She is also making great progress in other areas of her speech and continuing to learn new skills. The Johnny’s Kids Israel center is free for all children and Sally’s family is so grateful to have her attending and receiving quality education and services.

Unfortunately, many children like Sally do receive the quality education experiences they deserve. This is a common situation for children with learning disabilities around the world. Families often have little or no support to receive the resources to help their children learn and grow.

This is why LiveBeyond is so passionate about supporting children and their families with quality resources to help them thrive! Stories like Sally’s remind us of the importance of providing children of all abilities with opportunities to learn and grow. Children with learning disabilities, such as Sally, often face many barriers that prevent them from accessing the same resources and opportunities as their peers. Without the proper support, they may struggle to reach their full potential.

With your faithful prayers and generous support, we are making a positive difference in the lives of children in Israel. The Johnny’s Kids program is helping children overcome their challenges and reach their full potential.

In Sally’s case, she was able to learn the alphabet and numbers and improve her speech. This is a huge achievement for Sally and shows the impact programs like Johnny’s Kids can have. The ability to pronounce letters and words improves Sally’s communication skills now, but it will also have a significant, positive impact throughout the rest of her life. 

Through Johnny’s Kids, we are coming alongside children with special needs and their families to love, support and encourage them. We are thrilled to share the joy of children learning and growing with you! The teachers, therapists, and staff at Johnny’s Kids provide quality education and care that makes a remarkable difference in the lives of the children and their families. When you pray and donate, you become a part of creating positive opportunities for children through Johnny’s Kids.

We hope with Sally’s story, you see the positive impact that your prayer & support are helping to create in Israel. Thank you for your generosity thus far. Together we can continue to improve the quality of life of children in Israel and Haiti. If you want to be a part of more success stories like the one above, you can click here and give to LiveBeyond today!

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