Mar 02, 2020 . 4 years ago

Kè Pou Timoun Summer Camp Week 1

I have been so impressed with all of the wonderful things the Kè Pou Timoun Summer Camp counselors have planned for the children. They obviously put a lot of loving thought into each activity. Each station is designed to help the children grow in wisdom and stature with God and men, including activities for educational learning, leadership skills, team building exercises, and, of course, several opportunities to learn the gospel. So many of these activities made me think about my own days in VBS and church camp. One girl, Sornita Bruny, decided to give her life to Christ last week! Here is a glimpse into all that they did that first week:

Monday: -Bible Study -Books of the Bible Hopscotch and “Jak Di” (the Haitian version of “Simon Says”) -Skittles Math and English -Coffee Filter Butterflies -Music Time -Soccer

Tuesday: -“I can do all things with Christ” Bible Study -Jonah and the Whale -Ninja and Human Knot Team Building -Freeze Dance -Musical Chairs -Connect Four and Dominoes

Wednesday: -“God is over EVERYTHING” Bible Study -Painting the Camp Flag -Mega Jenga -Kickball -Team Tower Building -Soccer

Thursday: -“Jesus + You = Friends” Bible Study -Sheep on a stick arts and crafts -Team Writing -Paper Plate Crowns and Lesson -Balloon Tag -Soccer

Friday: -Joseph’s Coat Bible Study -Fruit of the Spirit Necklace Craft -Washing Other’s Feet -Team Building Hula Hoop and Wheelbarrow Races -Connect Four and Dominoes -Soccer

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