Mar 02, 2020 . 4 years ago

Kè Pou Timoun Summer Camp Week 2

Week 2 of summer camp was just as exciting as the first. There was not a team this week, so the counselors did more large group activities involving races and water to keep the kids moving. They finished the week with THE AMAZING RACE! And two teams tied for first! Check out everything they did:

Monday: -Bible story charades -Science experiment: make bouncy balls -Soccer (of course!)

Tuesday: – Flag football -Popsicles -Watercolor activity -Water tag

Wednesday: – 6 corners game -Headband giveaway -Science experiment: make slime

Thursday: -Obstacle course -Popsicles -Over-under sponge pass race

Friday – THE AMAZING RACE: 1. Wheelbarrow race 2. Three-legged race 3. Sack race 4. Human knot 5. Name all New Testament book 6. Water aim game 7. Sing-along-by-memory 8. Blind obstacle course 9. Innertube toss They ended the Amazing Race with a WATER BALLOON FIGHT!

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