Mar 02, 2020 . 4 years ago

Kè Pou Timoun Summer Camp Week 3

Week 3 of camp was just as fun as weeks one and two! There was another team in Haiti that week, and even though it was technically a medical trip, several volunteers jumped at the chance to work with our campers. Several nurses and nursing students helped Mama Laurie check the general health of the kiddos by conducting hemoglobin tests, measuring height and weight, and determining dental and skin care needs. We got some good data on the kids that will allow us to formulate plans for how to bolster our program even more.

On Thursday, we had the pleasure of having a shoe giveaway! Due to the generous donation of shoes by various groups and individuals, we collected enough shoes to let the campers “shop” for their tennis shoes for this year. Here’s a look at camp during week 3:

Monday: -Salvation bracelets -Music station -Science experiment: lava lamps -Name fingerpainting -Soccer -Board games/medical station

Tuesday: -Handprint fish painting -ESL station (verbs) -Water painting -Relay races -Clothespin caterpillars -Board games/medical station

Wednesday: -Parts of the body education -Active games (Red Light, Green Light & Duck, Duck, Goose) -The Lord is my Rock Bible lesson -Let Your Light Shine lesson -Music station -Board games/medical station

Thursday: -Popsicle Stick Sword Craft -ESL/Math station -Soccer -The Good Samaritan Bible lesson -Board games/Medical station -Shoe giveaway

During home visits, the counselors gave out awards to each child based on Christian characteristics they had shown over the course of camp. It was a blessing for team members and children alike.

At the end of camp, the kids had the counselors sit in the middle of the pavilion so that they could pray for them before they left for the United States. It was a beautiful way to end a fun year of camp.

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