Feb 07, 2023 . 1 year ago

Keeping Infant Health a Top Priority

When it comes to children, there is no question that every child is a precious gift. We believe that it is our duty to care for them to the best of our ability. We must ensure those in vulnerable situations receive adequate resources. Unfortunately, as you may know, many infants worldwide, including in Haiti, do not have access to proper nutrition and quality medical care. Many children experience undernutrition and illness due to lack of nutrition through their mother’s breastmilk, lack of education on the importance of breastfeeding,  or lack of access to supplements like formula. 

The World Health Organization reports that less than 50% of infants are exclusively breastfed. 

Proper nutrition & access to quality healthcare during infancy are crucial for promoting overall health & preventing the development of illnesses & diseases. According to the WHO, “optimal breastfeeding is so critical that it could save the lives of over 820,000 children under the age of 5 years each year.”

At LiveBeyond, we are committed to continuing to improve infant health in Haiti. The LiveBeyond nurses and doctors diligently implement our maternal health curriculum to educate mothers on the benefits of breastfeeding. We also provide mothers with breastfeeding supplements when needed. At each visit, the mothers receive the proper vitamins they need. Also, we send them home with nutritious foods to ensure the mother receives adequate nutrition as well. Providing quality medical care and nutrition for mothers and children in our target area of Thomazeau, Haiti, is one of our top priorities that we will continuously execute!   

When we prioritize infant health, families and the whole community will experience significant benefits. Infancy through early childhood is some of the most crucial milestones in health. When we can get that right, a child is set up for greater success. It is an exceptional investment to make in a child’s health, one that will have exponential benefits and a remarkable ripple effect on that child’s life into adulthood. We are seeing great things for the children of Thomazeau, Haiti, & will continue to invest in these mothers’ & babies’ lives!

With your help, we can do even more to improve the health of infants in Haiti. Together, we can ensure that children have access to good nutrition, which leads to better lives and fewer health problems. Good nutrition during infancy means proper development & growth, the ability to attend school, & the potential to become healthy adults.

If you want to have a positive impact on the health of infants in the Thomazeau, Haiti community, you can click here to give today. Together, we can make a difference and give children a brighter future. Investing in infant health is investing in the future.

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