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Learn More About LiveBeyond: The LiveBeyond Book

Have you ordered the LiveBeyond book, LiveBeyond: A Radical Call to Surrender and Serve? If not, you are missing out on many behind the scenes details of the LiveBeyond story. 

The book shares great stories on how LiveBeyond got started and insights on how the Lord called David and Laurie Vanderpool to start their work in Thomazeau, Haiti. 

You can order a hard copy or you can enjoy reading it on Kindle. However you like to consume your reading materials, the LiveBeyond book is a great one to add to your list! 

LiveBeyond Book

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The catastrophic earthquake that devastated Haiti in 2010 led to events that would completely changed the Vanderpool’s lives to follow the call of Jesus. For several years, David and Laurie, asked each other a daily question: What did you do today that required faith?

Putting Faith into Action

David and Laurie had been involved in short-term missions for many years, but it wasn’t long after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti that they knew they were being called to Haiti longterm. As a result, the Vanderpools sold everything—surgical practice, home, belongings—to bring much-needed medical care to the people of Haiti. They established a nonprofit, LiveBeyond, to empower the impoverished. Today, its work continues providing for those in need through

  • Nutrition programs
  • Clean water initiatives
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Agricultural assistance

The goal is to achieve sustainable communities, beginning with the home base in Thomazeau, Haiti. 

The stories of LiveBeyond’s work in Haiti will lead you to ask yourself, What did I do today that required faith? So, become inspired and order your copy of the LiveBeyond book today! Thank you for supporting LiveBeyond and our work in Thomazeau, Haiti. 

LiveBeyond is a registered 501(c)(3)
nonprofit organization