Nov 23, 2021 . 3 years ago

LiveBeyond Employees: The True Heros

As GivingTuesday is getting closer, we want to share with you the story of one of our employees who has worked for LiveBeyond from the beginning. 

This is the story of Gertrude. 

We first met Gertrude at a medical clinic we were holding in Thomazeau to treat individuals in the community. She brought in her infant daughter, Machina, who was born premature and struggling to survive. At the clinic, we were able to provide Machina with needed care and continued to monitor her for several days. Years later, Machina is now thriving and attends the LiveBeyond school.

LiveBeyond Employees

After meeting Gertrude at the clinic, we began to get to know her more and soon hired her as a LiveBeyond employee. Gertrude is a nurse, and she helped the maternal health program get started in 2012. She worked hard to spread the word throughout the community, check up on mothers in their homes during community outreach, and care for mothers and children’s medical needs at their weekly maternal health check-ins. 

Today, almost ten years later, Gertrude is the manager of the maternal health program. She has gotten married, built her own home, and sends her children to school. Through her hard work and years of dedication to LiveBeyond, she has helped serve thousands of mothers and children. 

Gertrude is helping create a true impact on her community by helping to successfully provide proper healthcare and nutrition to the mothers and children of Thomazeau, Haiti. 

Through dedicated and hardworking employees like Gertrude, LiveBeyond can have a significant impact in Thomazeau.

When you give to LiveBeyond this GivingTuesday, you can know your donations are supporting and providing local jobs for individuals just like Gertrude. 

Give to GivingTuesday

We invite you to support local jobs in Thomazeau, Haiti. When you do, you are tripling the impact of your donation, and here is how: 

1. Your donation to support local jobs directly reinforces the mission of LiveBeyond to provide healthcare, nutrition, & education.

2. Your donation provides steady and plentiful income to local employees. (The average LiveBeyond employee makes nearly 7x the average Haitian income.)  

3. Your donation allows families to thrive so they can therefore give back and provide for their community. 

Give to GivingTuesday

We thank you for your dedication and support to LiveBeyond! Because of you, LiveBeyond is able to provide good jobs with steady incomes to the individuals of Thomazeau, Haiti. 

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