Mar 05, 2020 . 4 years ago

LiveBeyond Programs at Work

Check out how our programs are doing at LiveBeyond!

Watch this video to learn how our programs have been doing in the past few months. We are proud to report that our Haitian staff is running the base with minimal input – that means we’ve reached operational sustainability. We are so thankful for their hard work!

Haiti Programs Update

[00:00] (instrumental music)

[00:05] Dr. Vanderpool: Hi, LiveBeyond family. I wanted to give you an update on what’s going on at the LiveBeyond base in Haiti. As you know the Haitian government is having quite a bit of difficulty, but the good news is that the LiveBeyond base in Haiti is doing great. In fact, it’s completely operationally sustainable. Our Haitian team members are running it well and all of our programs are fully functional. Come with me and take a look

[00:31] LIVEBEYOND SCHOOL – Teachers and students are continuing lessons as normal

(faint classroom noises)

[01:05] MATERNAL HEALTH – The nurses are still seeing expecting mothers and their babies on a daily basis

(nurses sing with patients a song about the importance of breastfeeding)

[01:47] THE KITCHEN – The ladies in the kitchen are still making sure that the staff and the kids are getting fed each day

(instrumental music)

[02:09] EVANGELISM – Chapel, church, and Bible studies are still being held on a daily basis

(Pastor Sargesse preaches a sermon in Haitian Creole)

(Bible study participants sing two songs in Haitian Creole)

[03:29] Dr. Vanderpool: Thanks for watching. We’re so proud of our Haitian staff and the operational sustainability that they’ve achieved. Isn’t it great to see the LiveBeyond base running so well? Here’s what you can do: #1 Please pray for us. Pray for the peace of Haiti, and join us in prayer for the entire nation and the transformation of Thomazeau. Considering donating to LiveBeyond or sponsor a child. One of our wonderful children in our school, one of our wonderful ladies in our maternal health programs, or one of the children in our feeding program. Please sponsor them monthly. Have a great day and thank you.

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