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LiveBeyond School – Creating a Difference in Our Community

The LiveBeyond School is a Christian school located on our base in Thomazeau, Haiti. We began in order to provide access to quality education for students. Also, we have the goal of providing the best possible education while also teaching our students the value of service and leadership within their community. The primary focus of our school is to serve many children with high-quality Christian education completely free to them so they can enter into their future careers prepared for success.

The LiveBeyond School provides an inclusive learning environment for students of all abilities.

We also prioritize providing education to children who are unable to attend school due to financial reasons. We have been in operation since 2019 and currently provide quality education for over 200 students. Our teachers are university trained and teach at the highest quality level for our students. We carefully select, vet, and train each teacher to become Christian leaders. 

These students are receiving quality education so they can enter the workforce with skills that will affect the next generation of their families. Our school is a Christian-led environment where students are able to develop their faith while receiving a quality education. Students are able to grow and learn in an environment of acceptance and love, especially when they come from families that may not be able to provide this type of support. The school helps students gain skills to enter the workforce with confidence so that when they return home, they can help their families and communities by making positive contributions.

Our goal is to provide education, leadership training, a Christian-led environment, & life skills that will impact our community for generations. At the end of the day, we want our students to be able to take their place as leaders in their communities. This means they need education, but also life skills. We’re committed to teaching each student how to be responsible citizens who can make a difference in their families & communities.

You can be a part of helping us provide quality education to the students at the LiveBeyond School.

You can do so by donating to the 2022-2023 school fundraiser today! Your donation will go toward: 

  • Ensuring our students receive a free, quality education 
  • Hiring 5 new teachers to serve more students
  • The renovation of guesthouse rooms to new classrooms for school expansion 


You can give directly by clicking here. Thank you for your support! 

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