Oct 24, 2023 . 6 months ago

Thomazeau, Haiti – LiveBeyond School Update

The Problem

In the heart of Haiti, a country marked by its vibrant culture and resilient spirit, a silent crisis was unfolding. Many children were forging through childhood without ever experiencing the inside of a classroom. Their young minds untapped and their potentials unexplored. The lack of infrastructure and educational resources in the region, combined with violence and extreme poverty, painted a bleak picture for these children. And the few existing schools were hampered by huge classes, minimal facilities, and a lack of security, which left students at risk. LiveBeyond recognized the urgent need to intervene and embarked on a mission, the LiveBeyond School.

The Plan

The mission was clear: to provide these children with access to quality, Christian-led education and a chance to break the cycle of poverty. To accomplish this goal, we decided to fund the education of these children, covering their curriculum, books, bags, and tutoring expenses. With these resources available, students could temporarily attend local schools until LiveBeyond established its own school with quality educators and staff, along with all the resources they needed for a conducive learning environment. To keep our students and staff safe, we made sure the plan included security measures.  

Because of YOU

With funding and prayers from our LiveBeyond donors, the plan started coming together. Each dollar we received laid the foundation, built walls, hired teachers, and purchased books and other resources. Each donation helped raise a protective fence to separate the children from the violence that has plagued Haiti for several years. Every gift contributed to a nutrition plan that would provide meals to children who were as hungry for food as they were for knowledge. Because of you, a dream took root in reality.

The Result

God blessed our efforts, and in 2016, LiveBeyond’s vision materialized into a beautiful school – the only one of its kind in Haiti – offering daily classes to children who had never been to school. The school stood as a beacon of hope with its extraordinary infrastructure, contrasting sharply with the typical schools in the region. Each classroom, hosting only 15 students, was facilitated by two educators – a teacher and a teaching aid – ensuring personalized attention and optimal learning experiences.

For many of these children, this was their first experience attending classes and learning about math, science, reading, and more. They began their day with a devotional before participating in classes, outdoor play, and two nutritious meals a day. 

The school was not just a building but a sanctuary, secured by a 12-foot-high fence topped with razor wire and guarded by six armed personnel. This security allowed the children and their families to feel safe and focus solely on learning. The students also had access to after-school programs at the LiveBeyond base, further enriching their educational journey.

The Outcome

The impact of LiveBeyond’s initiative was profound. The students grew in every way possible: mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. They made friends, became more confident, and expanded their vocabulary. LiveBeyond School’s ninth graders achieved a 100% pass rate in their national exams! What a testament to the transformative power of education. Once only an idea for the future, this ambitious mission illuminated the paths for these children. It offers them a chance to live beyond their circumstances and aspire to a brighter, more educated future. 


The beautiful school built by LiveBeyond continues to stand as a symbol of hope and a catalyst for change in a region once shadowed by educational deprivation.


The Need

To continue serving the educational needs of children in Thomazeau, we need you. Your donations pay for

– Teacher, staff, and security guard salaries

– Books and curriculum

– Two meals per day for students and staff

– Routine medical and wellness checkups

We are grateful beyond words for the incredible opportunities our donors have provided to these children. Will you join us in continuing to support the LiveBeyond School? We know the Lord will bless your donations. We have seen the incredible work He has done and the life-changing impact on the Thomazeau community. 

“Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” 

– Luke 6:38

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