Jun 13, 2023 . 10 months ago

Dedication to Education: LiveBeyond School wraps up another school year

As the end of another school year approaches, the students and staff of LiveBeyond School and Johnny’s Kids in Thomazeau, Haiti, are working hard to finish strong. Despite the many obstacles faced this year, they’ve remained committed to their education and are determined to succeed. LiveBeyond applauds the exceptional effort teachers, students, and their parents have made.

LiveBeyond believes that all children of all abilities should have access to quality education that helps them reach their full potential. Many children in Haiti do not attend school regularly, & this problem has been made worse by violence and political instability. And while education does not solve all problems, good quality education can open doors to better opportunities. Education can also help break the cycle of poverty that many families in Haiti face. The LiveBeyond students are working daily to build a strong foundation for their future.

Committed to Education

Despite the challenges, the students and staff of LiveBeyond School and Johnny’s Kids have remained steadfast in their commitment to education. This school year has been especially challenging all across Haiti, with many school closures due to violence. Livebeyond is happy to report the attendance rates at LiveBeyond School and Johnny’s Kids have remained high. Thanks to safety measures and the extraordinary effort of LiveBeyond teachers, staff, and the student’s parents, students are able to attend classes. These attendance rates are a testament to the dedication of the parents, teachers, & students who understand the value and importance of education. LiveBeyond is thrilled to be a part of making a positive impact through education in Thomazeau.

End-of-Year Prep

The 9th graders at the LiveBeyond School are currently preparing for national exams. These tests are very important and determine a student’s future academic opportunities. The LiveBeyond teachers want their students to succeed and devote extra time to make sure that happens! They are providing students with additional exam preparation outside of regular school hours. It is evident that LiveBeyond teachers love their students and want the best for them. Their dedication is truly inspiring.

Johnny’s Kids students are also finishing the school year well. The students and their parents have shown outstanding commitment to school and academic studies. Johnny’s Kids’ teachers are doing an exceptional job teaching the students according to their abilities. Love and praise for a job well done abound in the classroom. Teachers never miss an opportunity to celebrate the children, making them feel special and loved.

Celebrate Another Year

The students & staff of LiveBeyond School and Johnny’s Kids are dedicated to learning, and they are making great strides toward a brighter future. Your support makes a real difference in the lives of these children. By partnering with LiveBeyond, you help ensure that the children of Thomazeau have a loving & caring place where they can receive a high-quality education. You are helping set them up for success.

As we approach the end of another school year, let’s celebrate the incredible progress that the students & staff of LiveBeyond School and Johnny’s Kids have made! Despite the challenges faced, students have remained committed to their education and are determined to succeed. Let’s continue to support them in their journey toward a brighter future filled with hope and opportunity.

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