Mar 02, 2020 . 4 years ago

LiveBeyonder Spotlight | Andy Garlington

LiveBeyonder, Andy Garlington, is the Senior Director of Financial Operations for Community Health Systems headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee. He’s originally from Montgomery, Alabama and a graduate of Auburn University (undergrad) and the University of Alabama at Birmingham (MBA). Andy is a member of ClearView Baptist Church.

How many LiveBeyond mission weeks have you served on? Two medical mission weeks (October 2014 and June 2015). Share how you got involved with LiveBeyond. A fellow friend and church member went on a mission week and shared incredible testimonies about what he saw and the needs of Haiti. I knew I could not stand on the sidelines. What’s your favorite part(s) of the mission week? Meeting physical needs by helping at the clinic, but also spending time with the people of Haiti and establishing relationships.

Share one of your most memorable experiences or encounters in Haiti. During my last trip, I had the privilege of taking care of an elderly woman who walked miles to be treated at the clinic and while she was waiting for a ride home, I was able to wash her feet and make her feel like the valuable person she is in the eyes of the Lord.

Over the past year that you’ve been involved with LiveBeyond, how have you seen our work expand? During my first trip, we treated patients in a makeshift clinic with no rooms or adequate space for the patients. Now that the new clinic has been built, we were able to treat more patients and do so in a more sterile environment. What keeps you coming back to Haiti with LiveBeyond? The opportunity to serve and fulfill the Great Commission.

How have the people of Thomazeau have changed your life? You go thinking that you are going to make the people of Haiti better or bless them in some way, and at the end of the trip, you realize you are the one being blessed.

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