Sep 05, 2023 . 11 months ago

LiveBeyond’s 2023 School Fundraiser: A Huge Success

Because You Gave to the 2023 School Fundraiser:

– Impoverished children will receive a Christian-led, tuition-free education.

– The new 12th grade is open to students.

– Students, teachers, and staff will receive 2 nutritious meals per day.

– Our 27 teachers have books and other resources to provide a high-quality education.

Success? Absolutely! LiveBeyond, along with students, teachers, staff, and parents, is grateful beyond words for your generous hearts and desire to change the world. Most of us take education for granted, especially when it comes to elementary and high school, but to the children of Thomazeau, Haiti, it is a gift – a gift from you – thanks to your school fundraiser donations. By funding the LiveBeyond School, our donors have ensured Thomazeau’s children in kindergarten through grade 12 will receive an education, nutrition, and the resources they need to have a higher quality of life.

Your donations do far more than cover school expenses; they equip future leaders, instill faith, improve health through nutrition, and open doors to opportunities that are not available to those without an education. By the grace of God, your generous support becomes a pathway for our students to live into greater opportunity and a brighter future. 

Did You Know …

Since the LiveBeyond School opened in 2019:

– We have added new grades, classes, and teachers each year.

– Students have a 100% national exam passing rate.

– Several of our Johnny’s Kids students have been able to transition into the classroom with their peers.

According to Unicef, “Without quality education, children face considerable barriers to employment and earning potential later in life. They are more likely to suffer adverse health outcomes and less likely to participate in decisions that affect them – threatening their ability to shape a better future for themselves and their societies.”

At LiveBeyond, we believe it doesn’t have to be that way. That’s why we include education among our building blocks for changing the world, one life at a time. When combined with healthcare, nutrition, and the Gospel, education provides opportunities for students who then help support their families. As the number of financially stable families increases, it fosters economic stability throughout the community.

Love One Another 

Jesus said, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” 

– John 13:34

Thank you for the love you bestow with your gifts, a true reflection of the love Jesus bestows upon us. And thank you for your dedication to live beyond yourself so others can live beyond poverty!

If you are interested in getting your church, workplace, or community involved with LiveBeyond, please email [email protected].

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