Jan 19, 2022 . 2 years ago

LiveBeyond’s New Initiatives in Israel

Today we have very exciting news to share with you!

LiveBeyond is thrilled to publicly announce that we are expanding our Johnny’s Kids operations into Israel. 

All programs in Thomazeau, Haiti remain operating at 100% capacity to continue creating a sustainable community with lasting impact. LiveBeyond’s new initiatives in Israel will be an extension of our work in Haiti and it will expand our reach to vulnerable populations across the world. 

Our target area in Israel will be near Jerusalem. The purpose is to provide needed resources to vulnerable populations. 

LiveBeyond Israel Initiative

LiveBeyond is implementing strategies to create effective humanitarian efforts that will help individuals live beyond poverty. Also, the current program we are administering in Israel is providing support to the vulnerable population of families with individuals having physical or mental disabilities. 

In order to effectively identify the families and individuals who are in the greatest need, LiveBeyond is partnering with the Ministry of Health organization. Through this partnership, our program will serve only individuals who have had their disabilities from birth. Individuals in this area often experience injury and disability due to their involvement in terrorist activities. Therefore, LiveBeyond has chosen to avoid the perception of aiding anyone involved in such activities by focusing on individuals who have experienced their disabilities since birth.

LiveBeyond is also partnering with two other organizations to successfully execute operations in Israel. We are working with Convoy of Hope to serve 60 families through nutritional support and supplies related to specific disabilities. In the future, as we expand services in the Jerusalem area, we hope to provide physical & occupational therapy for individuals. 

We are also thrilled for this opportunity to expand our reach to individuals in Israel and continue our work in Haiti simultaneously! At LiveBeyond, we are excited to be implementing this transformational work and look forward to all that is in store for LiveBeyond in Israel. 

Throughout the year, we will continue to update you with information about operations in Israel. Lastly, but not least, we thank you in advance for your support! 

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