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Making Education in Haiti Accessible

It is a widely held belief that education is a stepping stone to opportunities, success, and good quality of life. Education impacts family stability and growth, as well as the stability and growth of economies and societies. And yet, worldwide, 57 million children are not in school. 

In Haiti, Unicef reports that “more than half a million children are out of school.”

Obstacles to Education in Haiti

The children of Haiti face decreasing and disrupted access to education due to many factors. Unaffordable tuition fees are one factor. The majority of schools in Haiti are privately owned, and families struggling financially simply cannot afford to pay the fees. Natural disasters have also caused school disruptions and even closures. Many school buildings were destroyed in areas hit hard by earthquakes or hurricanes. But the biggest factor hurting education in Haiti right now is violence. The rise of gang violence across the country has forced many schools to close. It is not safe for students to attend school. 

With so many obstacles in the way of education, school dropout rates in Haiti are very high. Unesco reported in 2020, “10% of Haitian students drop out before Grade 6 of basic education and 40% before the end of Grade 9 (the last grade).”

Fighting for Education

LiveBeyond refuses to stand by and watch while children’s futures and dreams are snuffed out. ALL children deserve access to education, and we are working hard to give the children of Haiti just that. The LiveBeyond School and Johnny’s Kids Program are committed to providing the children of Thomazeau, Haiti, with free, high-quality education. 

But…we cannot do it without You. Your generosity and prayers have helped get us this far, and we need your continued support. Today, LiveBeyond is excited to launch the  

2023 School Fundraiser! With your help, LiveBeyond wants to raise:

– $24,000 for all student books and curriculum

– $155,000 for teacher and administrator salaries

– $42,000 for food & nutrition for all of our students and staff


Donate to the 2023 School Fundraiser


When you give to the 2023 School Fundraiser, you are setting off a chain reaction. Firstly, LiveBeyond students will receive an education that will equip them with the necessary skills to enter the workforce or pursue higher education. Secondly, with good jobs, our students will be able to help support their families. And thirdly, with food and daily necessities being met, families can experience better health and be active members of their community. As a result, education contributes to families having a higher quality of life, economies growing, and communities being strengthened. The trickle-down effect of your donation makes a positive difference and leads to long-term impact. 

The 2022-2023 LiveBeyond School Year

By the grace of God and with your support, the LiveBeyond School kept its doors open and finished the 2022-2023 school year strong. The amazing LiveBeyond teachers and administrators have shown extraordinary dedication to education and their students. The unwavering security team has played a vital role in keeping our students in school. Their steadfast protection has prevented disruption of our students’ education. These efforts by LiveBeyond staff have not only ensured our ability to maintain current operations but also allowed our school to grow. LiveBeyond is proud to share our school is adding the 12th grade next year! For the first time, LiveBeyond School will offer 1st-12th grade. Join us in celebrating this accomplishment! LiveBeyond thanks all our teachers, administrators, and staff who made this possible. We also thank you! Your financial gifts and faithful prayers have helped get us this far.


Making Education Accessible

Too many children in Haiti do not receive an education. Political instability, gang violence, natural disasters, and the inability to afford school tuition prevent Haitian children from getting an education. Together, we can continue to remove the obstacles and make education accessible. With your support, LiveBeyond is creating a long-term impact on the lives of the children of Thomazeau through education.


LiveBeyond is dedicated to providing the best education to help the children of Thomazeau succeed and reach their full potential. With your support, LiveBeyond will continue providing students with the highest quality education possible at no cost to their families. Your donation to the 2023 School Fundraiser helps purchase curriculum and books for all students and pays salaries for the best university-trained teachers. In addition, donations this year will also go toward providing nutrition-packed meals to all students and staff. 

Donate to the 2023 School Fundraiser today, and help the LiveBeyond School continue creating a positive impact in Thomazeau, Haiti. Together we can make a positive difference in the lives of Haitian children.

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