Apr 26, 2022 . 2 years ago

Maternal Health: Read Marie’s Story

Today, we have a very special and inspiring maternal health story to share with you. LiveBeyond serves hundreds of mothers through the maternal health program, and these services are drastically improving and saving lives.


This is Marie’s Maternal Health Story

Marie first started coming to the maternal health program in December 2021 when she was about six months pregnant. The nurses gave her a full examination and observed she was underweight and malnourished, which means the baby was not receiving enough nutrition either. 

The nurses provided her with proper prenatal vitamins, medication, food, and medical care. Marie started attending the maternal health program weekly, and the nurses began to see improvement in her health.

In early January, Marie caught a cold that caused her to regress and experience great weakness. The nurses provided her with medication to help fight the cold and upped her nutrition to help her stay healthy while she was in recovery.

Unfortunately, over the next few weeks, the nurses began to notice that Marie was not showing up for her regular scheduled visits, so they became worried about her. Gertrude, our head nurse, reached out to Marie by phone to check in and make sure she was doing okay. Marie informed her that she was staying up in the mountains and had no way of getting to the LiveBeyond base for regular visits.

Gertrude and the other nurses knew that she needed to continue to receive services so she could remain healthy throughout the remainder of her pregnancy. So, they took action. All of the LiveBeyond nurses traveled to the mountains to ensure Marie received the medical care she desperately needed.

During the time she had not been coming to the maternal health program, Marie’s conditions had worsened. She was not eating well, she developed a cough, and was so weak she was having trouble walking and standing.

Nurses started visiting her regularly up in the mountains. They would take her medication, vitamins, and ample nutritious food to keep her well supplied until their next visit.

On March 8th, Marie delivered a healthy baby girl, and both mom and baby are healthy and well.


Stories like these bring us so much joy!


It not only shows the life-saving services that the maternal health program is providing, but it also shows the level of care and love that the nurses have for each and every mother in the program. They go out of their way to ensure each mother and baby receives the level of care they need!

We are so proud of the LiveBeyond nurses, their hard work, and their love for the Thomazeau community.

When you give to the Mother’s Day Campaign, you are helping support these incredible nurses and doctors who are providing life-saving care.


This year, help us reach our goal so we can expand and enhance the services we provide! 


  • $100-$250 for safe sleep supplies, including a durable bassinet, firm fitting mattress & swaddle blanket
  • $250-$500 to support a 2nd Haitian doctor
  • $500-$2500 to raise funds to purchase a new ultrasound machine & cover shipping costs


Any desired amount helps LiveBeyond continue providing quality services to enhance the lives of moms and babies in Thomazeau, Haiti!

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