May 13, 2020 . 4 years ago

Maternal & Perinatal Health | A Combined Approach

Maternal health and perinatal health are very closely related. According to the World Health Organization, “quality skilled care during pregnancy and childbirth are key for the health of the baby and the mother.” This is why LiveBeyond aims to care for mothers throughout pregnancy and mothers and babies after childbirth.

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The LiveBeyond maternal health initiative enrolls expecting mothers as early in pregnancy as possible and continues to provide care until one year post childbirth. Caring for pregnant mothers during this timeframe allows for perinatal health to be optimized as well. The perinatal period begins at 22 completed weeks of gestation and ends seven completed days after birth.

Here are some perinatal mortality statistics…. Approximately 133 million living babies are born each year, and 2.8 million of these babies die during their first week of life (WHO). The majority of these perinatal deaths occur in developing countries and follow similar patterns of maternal mortality. We know this is harsh, however, this is in fact reality.

Improving Perinatal & Maternal Health Through the Maternal Health Initiative


Weekly maternal & infant checkups



Maternal health education

The LiveBeyond maternal health initiative is truling saving lives and having an exponential impact in the region of Thomazeau, Haiti. Stay tuned for next week’s blog post to find out more about how LiveBeyond is improving maternal and perinatal health. If you are interested in partnering with LiveBeyond to make an even greater impact, please click here.

Also be sure to listen to this recent Jesus Calling podcast featuring Dr. Vanderpool, God Helps Us Rebuild Homes & Hearts: HGTV’s Leanne & Steve Ford and Dr. David Vanderpool.

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