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National Public Health Week

This week is National Public Health Week. A time to bring attention to the important role healthcare and nutrition play in people’s overall health. It is also a time to recognize and celebrate the amazing work being done around the world by healthcare and nutrition workers. It is a time to acknowledge the tireless efforts of healthcare and nutrition workers who relentlessly work to increase access to healthcare and nutrition. 

For National Public Health Week this year, LiveBeyond wants to highlight and celebrate the exceptional healthcare and nutrition workers at LiveBeyond, who are making a positive difference in Haiti!

Health in Haiti & LiveBeyond’s Work

Many people in Haiti lack proper nutrition and healthcare services because they cannot afford them. The LiveBeyond healthcare and nutrition workers are changing this reality one person at a time. They are committed to providing free, high-quality healthcare services and nutrition-packed meals to women, children, and their families. The healthcare and nutrition workers tirelessly work to increase access to healthcare and nutrition through several LiveBeyond programs.

The maternal health program

Through the Maternal Health Program, healthcare workers provide mothers with pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum medical care and nutritional support. They also provide babies with medical care and nutritional support for the first 1,000 days of life. Because of these efforts, the maternal mortality rate has seen a 70% decrease, and the infant mortality rate has seen a 55% decrease! We praise God for this remarkable success, and we thank all the Maternal Health Program doctors and nurses for their exceptional and hard work. 

Johnny’s Kids

Another program that LiveBeyond healthcare workers make possible is Johnny’s Kids. This program provides various types of therapies to children with disabilities alongside schooling. This program is one of the only programs in the area to serve children with disabilities. The healthcare workers create a nurturing and loving environment that is tailored to help the students improve their physical skills and get an education. Several Johnny’s Kids students have increased their mobility and learned new skills, and a couple of students have mainstreamed into the LiveBeyond School. The Johnny’s Kids healthcare workers are helping students with disabilities reach their full potential!

Community Healthcare Program

LiveBeyond healthcare workers also provide medical services through the Community Healthcare Worker Program. This program offers remote medical checkups and home visits to individuals and families in need. These visits from Community Healthcare Workers are essential for people who cannot make the trip to the LiveBeyond Hospital. The healthcare workers go to the people who need medical attention who otherwise would not recieve the medical treatment they need. The healthcare workers are helping to improve the quality of life throughout the community. 

LiveBeyond Demonstration Farm

A big part of public health is also proper nutrition. The LiveBeyond Demonstration Farm is helping improve nutrition by helping educate local farmers and providing a steady source of food for the LiveBeyond base. With successful crops, local farmers make nutritious food accessible to the community. The Demonstration Farm workers are helping to increase access to nutritional food through farming. 

Nutrition Program

The Nutrition Program workers also lead the way to improved health outcomes through food. The program workers assemble plates of nutritious food for all the mothers in the Maternal Health Program, all the students in Johnny’s Kids and LiveBeyond School, and meals for all the LiveBeyond staff. Through the program, there are over 7,000 healthy meals provided each week! The Nutrition Program workers are helping to decrease hunger and illnesses, one meal at a time.  

These programs are only a few examples of the exceptional work that LiveBeyond staff are doing in Haiti. They are transforming the health of the Thomazeau community one person at a time. Their dedication & commitment to improving health outcomes are making a significant impact on the lives of individuals & the community.

LiveBeyond also recognizes & appreciates the support of U.S. healthcare workers who have volunteered & lent their time & expertise to LiveBeyond. These healthcare partnerships are beneficial and encouraging. Together, positive health outcomes are being created that will impact the lives of individuals & the community for generations to come.

Your Partnerships

LiveBeyond’s nutrition partners also deserve mentioning. A big thank you to Convoy of Hope and Food for the Poor for helping provide the people of Haiti with food supplies that will improve their health. These food partnerships allow LiveBeyond nutrition workers to provide thousands of meals to mothers, children, and their families every week. Together, they are increasing access to nutritious food that improves health outcomes for the people of Thomazeau.

LiveBeyond also sends a heartfelt thank you to all of our supporters. Your generosity makes it possible for the work to be continued. Your donations and prayers allow LiveBeyond healthcare staff to provide free, high-quality medical services to a community that would have little to no medical services otherwise. Each of you is a part of the work and success that the LiveBeyond staff creates. The LiveBeyond doctors and nurses are committed to seeing the people of Thomazeau healthy and thriving.

National Public Health Week is a time to raise awareness about the importance of access to healthcare services & nutritional support. It is also a time to recognize and appreciate the efforts of those who are working tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of individuals and communities around the world. The work that healthcare and nutrition workers do is essential for improving health outcomes across communities.

LiveBeyond healthcare and nutrition workers are transforming the health of the Thomazeau community. They are a shining example of what can be achieved when people come together to improve the lives of others. Let us celebrate and honor the exceptional work being done by LiveBeyond workers. We celebrate all healthcare & nutrition workers worldwide who are committed to improving health outcomes & increasing access to healthcare & food.

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