Mar 30, 2022 . 2 years ago

Nutritional Support: National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month, and providing nutritional support to underserved communities is one of LiveBeyond’s largest initiatives. Ensuring families receive adequate food and nutrition is part of many of our programs and initiatives at LiveBeyond.

Nutritional Support Efforts at LiveBeyond
  • Maternal Health Program
  • The LiveBeyond School
  • Partnerships with Area Schools
  • Johnny’s Kids Program
  • Agricultural Farm


Through partnerships with Convoy of Hope and Food for the Poor, LiveBeyond is able to provide 7,000+ meals to underserved individuals each weekday. Though resources and certain types of food are not always available, we do our very best to ensure proper macro and micronutrients are included in each meal. Protein is the most scarce macronutrient for our families in Haiti, so we do our best to supply protein-rich foods such as eggs, beans, peanut butter, and other legumes. 

Vitamins and other micronutrients are often lacking in the traditional Haitian diet, so LiveBeyond provides a daily supply of multivitamins to our students and maternal health mothers and children. We are also able to provide the LiveBeyond staff with fruits and vegetables from our Agricultural Training Farm.

Proper nutrition is paramount to child development during pregnancy, infancy, and early childhood. This is why we take nutritional support so seriously in each of our programs and efforts toward building sustainable communities. According to the World Health Organization, 45% of deaths among children under 5 are associated with undernutrition. It is our hope at LiveBeyond that our food and nutrition efforts combat and prevent wasting, stunting, underweight, and other deficiencies related to undernutrition in the Thomazeau community. 

To find out more or to support the food and nutrition efforts at LiveBeyond, please visit our website or donation page. If you missed our last blog highlighting our Johnny’s Kids program and World Down Syndrome Day, you can take a look at it here

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