Our Process

Community development demands a holistic approach. This is why we have chosen to address
eight core needs to eradicate poverty and promote sustainable communities.

Medical Care

Providing quality medical care to those who had no access to healthcare

Clean Water

Providing capacity of over 900,000 gallons per day

Food Security

Providing over ​3,000 meals​ per day to mothers, children and families

K-12 Education

Equipping future leaders through quality education and school programs.

Special Needs Education

Empowering children with special needs to learn alongside peers.

Spiritual Guidance

Inspiring hope for the future through scripture, prayer and discipleship training.

Maternal + Infant Health

300 lives have been directly saved through the maternal health program.

Community Healthcare Program

Scaling impact through education and healthcare.

Our mission is to create thriving communities that fully operate through local people and resources.​ As of 2019,
that vision was realized and we are thrilled with the results. Our methodology has taken years to develop but we are pleased to say that the community in Thomazeau is thriving independent of a full-time American staff, despite the turmoil that has stricken the rest of Haiti.

Our progress

  • 7,000+

    Kids Fed Daily

  • 2,500

    Healthy Babies Born

  • 14

    years experience

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