May 24, 2022 . 2 years ago

Poverty and Education: How Haitian Schools are Performing Amidst Crisis

Most Haitian students cannot afford to go to school.

You may be surprised to learn how challenging it is for a Haitian family to support their child’s education. The staggering cost of school fees, uniforms, and supplies often means that children have to work while in school or drop out entirely.

Sadly, an extremely high percentage of children do not attend school purely because of cost. According to USAID, the average Haitian has less than five years of schooling

Why? Many Haitian families can’t afford fees, so students are forced to drop out in order to work and earn money for their families instead. 

This cycle is detrimental to the future of Haiti. 

Schools in Haiti are struggling to attain the resources they need.

Due to poor governance and international conflict, the Haitian government is unable to supply the schools with proper resources and funding. This leads to many fees that the families and students are responsible for. 

It is often a requirement for students to bring their own supplies, including books, paper, pens, pencils, uniforms, and more. Some schools can’t afford desks, so children try to learn in less than ideal environments. 

To make matters worse, teachers cannot receive adequate training to instruct the future leaders of the country.

Poverty’s role in education.

You may be wondering how poverty affects school performance. Over 60% of the population lives in poverty (World Bank), and many educational experienced require tuition costs. Low income and high unemployment make it harder for families to pay for education. Many Haitians have little or no money available to spend on food or clothing – let alone education!

Another reason why schools perform poorly is due to poor infrastructure: School buildings may not have enough desks or chairs; students might not have access to electricity; there could be no water supply nearby; toilets might not even exist. These conditions present many educational challenges and make learning difficult for students.

 There is hope.

There are many organizations with a dedication to enriching students’ lives by providing excellent education free of cost to students and their families. These Haitian schools are bright lights for the future of Haiti and the people who will lead their country out of poverty.

LiveBeyond is one of many organizations dedicated to education, and its students are making tremendous educational gains.  

Necessity is the mother of invention. 

Thanks to wonderful partnerships, educators, and donors, LiveBeyond can provide top-tier education for hundreds of children in Thomazeau, Haiti. 

If you would like to contribute to the tremendous educational impact in Haiti, go to to learn more about our educational initiatives and give today. 

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