Apr 06, 2022 . 2 years ago

Public Health and Building Sustainable Communities

This week is National Public Health Week! We are so grateful for all of the public health and healthcare advancements in the United States that have impacted LiveBeyond’s programs and initiatives. Each LiveBeyond program is related to public health in some regard.


Maternal Health Program – The LiveBeyond Maternal Health Program serves mothers in the rural Thomazeau, Haiti region during and after pregnancy. We ensure mothers and their newborn babies receive proper nutrition, medical care, and maternal health education.


Johnny’s Kids Program – Our Johnny’s Kids program serves children with disabilities in Thomazeau, Haiti. We have recently expanded this program into Israel, just outside of Jerusalem. We provide food, physical therapy, medical care, and education to each child in our program. 


Community Healthcare Worker Program – The Community Healthcare Worker Program is a public health initiative LiveBeyond created to expand the reach beyond the four walls of our hospital building. After proper training, trained community healthcare workers now go into the community of Thomazeau to provide remote checkups and home visits to individuals and families in need.


Agricultural Training Program – This program allows local farmers in the Thomazeau are to come to the LiveBeyond demonstration farm to learn more about proper farming techniques. In addition to its educational component, the LiveBeyond farm provides fruits and vegetables for staff and school lunches too. 


These public health efforts are drastically improving the overall health and wellbeing of the communities LiveBeyond serves. Education, training, healthcare, and nutrition are all extremely important aspects of public health. LiveBeyond is elated to provide such necessary services to underserved communities internationally. 

Stay tuned for next week’s blog. We will be announcing an exciting campaign for one of our programs that is drastically contributing to the community health efforts in Thomazeau, Haiti. Thank you for your interest and support. Supporters like you make our work possible! 

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