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Dr. Vanderpool has written a textbook to discuss the importance of the first one thousand days of a child's life, maternal health problems faced in developing nations, and the progress created through the LiveBeyond maternal health program. Buy the book today!

This ebook discusses important processes for nonprofits seeking to create results with lasting impact. Dr. Vanderpool shares his insights on using data to improve nonprofit programs. Download the ebook for free today!

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Christian Post

Playing in the dirt is typically reserved for young children and pigs. But getting down and dirty is more important than you might think...

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Fox News

When I first saw Chinyelo, he was covered in dirt and mud, walking on his hands through his village in Haiti. His T-shirt was ripped. He was hungry...

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Christmas is a time of remembering the joy that Jesus brought to the world when he was born that starry night in a manger over 2,000 years ago...

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My Social Good News DALLAS

As Christmas gift-giving time approaches, a faith-based non-profit working to improve conditions in the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere...

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Religion News Service

Marie’s* contractions started early in the morning. As the contractions progressed, she did her best to get comfortable and prepare for her first child...

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Dallas Morning News

I honestly can’t blame the people for protesting. Gas prices rising more than $1 per gallon overnight was more than people living below...

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It’s been over three years since Dr. David Vanderpool and his wife Laurie picked up their lives and moved to Haiti....

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San Antonio Express

Marie’s contractions started early in the morning. She wished her mother or a midwife were with her, but her mother had trained her how to deliver alone...

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The Tennessean

There is a plumeria tree planted at the LiveBeyond base in Thomazeau, Haiti. Many of the trees planted on our base have been dedicated...

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