Jun 20, 2023 . 10 months ago

Strength and Courage in Scripture

The world is often quick to remind us of its brokenness and injustices. And it can be easy to see such things and lose hope. But in these times, when the world may feel overwhelming, and discouragement creeps in, we, as Christians, can take hold of the promises and hope we have in Christ. When we turn to scripture, we draw strength and inspiration to love and serve the world as Jesus did. As followers of Jesus, it is important to remember God’s words to us, our purpose, and the power God has given us in prayer.

LiveBeyond has seen and continues to see the Lord working through all of our initiatives and efforts. We are certain that it has not been by our own strength or our own wisdom that we have accomplished anything. So today, we turn to the Bible for wisdom, hope, and encouragement once more.  

Finding Courage in Scripture

The Bible has long been a source of wisdom, comfort, and guidance for people of faith. Scripture reminds us of who God is and who we are in him. Joshua 1:9 offers a powerful reminder: 

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

This verse serves as a beacon of hope, assuring us that even in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges, we are not alone. It encourages us to lean on our faith and trust in God’s presence as we navigate life.

LiveBeyond has the extraordinary privilege of working with people of great faith and courage. We get to see Joshua 1:9 come to life in the lives of LiveBeyond staff on a daily basis. All of our staff is committed to serving the Thomazeau community with love to the best of their ability. They work very hard to help women, children, and their families experience a higher quality of life and the love of Jesus. We pray Joshua 1:9 over all LiveBeyond staff and all believers in Haiti and ask the Lord for an extra measure of strength and courage, believing they will receive it. 

Prayer as a Source of Strength

Through prayer, we connect with God and find comfort, guidance, and renewed strength. Scripture tells us we can be confident that God hears our prayers when we pray according to his will. It is also through prayer that we hear from the Lord. At LiveBeyond, we witness the power of prayer every day. Over the years, you have prayed with us for the Thomazeau community to know the love of Jesus and have positive experiences in their lives. And we have seen the Lord answer our prayers. Maternal and infant mortality rates have drastically decreased, children of all abilities are getting an education, and malnutrition rates have dropped. The Lord has indeed blessed our efforts.

Today, we invite you to continue praying for the people of Haiti. Let us pray that the Lord will bring hope and peace. And let us pray that our brothers and sisters in Christ would be strengthened and encouraged. Through collective prayer, we can uplift one another and demonstrate our unwavering support for those facing adversity.

Power of Unity

LiveBeyond is incredibly grateful for the unwavering support we receive from all of the LiveBeyond family. Thank you for working with us to eradicate poverty and build self-sustaining communities through healthcare, nutrition, and education. Knowing that you stand with us and pray for us strengthens our resolve, and your encouragement empowers us to continue serving and giving hope to those in need.

The Impact of Your Support

Your generosity and compassion have already made a tangible difference in the lives of many. In Haiti, your support is helping to improve maternal, infant, and child health through healthcare, clean water, and nutrition, as well as increasing positive opportunities through high-quality education for children of all abilities. In Israel, your donations make it possible to provide therapy, education, and nutritional support to children with disabilities and their families. 

These changes are creating a positive impact. Families and communities become healthier and stronger when mothers have access to quality maternal healthcare. More educated children will become adults that contribute to their families, the workforce, and their community. And this positive impact will improve the quality of life in the Thomazeau community for generations. This is the impact of your support. We thank you for partnering with us and the people of Haiti.

Encouragement to Press Forward:

As we press forward to create a positive impact in the world,  we must keep the verse from Joshua 1:9 at the forefront of our minds. Let it serve as a reminder that we possess the strength and courage to overcome challenges and make a difference in the lives of those we serve. God is with us. 

Together, we can bring hope where it is needed most, share the love of Jesus Christ, and help communities thrive.


In times of uncertainty, scripture, prayer, and unity are pillars of strength. The verse from Joshua 1:9 reminds us of the divine presence guiding our actions and the courage within us to persevere. LiveBeyond stands firm in the knowledge that God is with us, and he goes before us. Thank you for being a part of the LiveBeyond family. Your prayer and support are a blessing to LiveBeyond. Together we continue to make a positive difference in Haiti.

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