Jul 26, 2022 . 2 years ago

Successes in the LiveBeyond Maternal Health Program

At LiveBeyond, we have been working diligently for years to see the successes in the maternal health program that we are experiencing today! It is such a joy to truly watch the health of the community improve year over year. It is equally rewarding to see the pride that the Haitian doctors and nurses embody while caring for the health of their community. 

To share the reward, we want to tell you some of the exciting events that recently taken place in the maternal health program. 1. More mothers continue to have successful deliveries at the LiveBeyond hospital. 2. We continue to see an increase in individuals being served at the clinic. 3. The doctors and nurses continue to sharpen their medical skills to provide the best care to the people of Thomazeau!

maternal health program

As we continue to enhance and grow the maternal health program, it is inspiring to see the successes along the way. We must continue to strive forward so that each mother and child in Thomazeau can live strong, healthy lives. While we do so, we are proud of the maternal health team and all they have accomplished for the community. 

As a supporter of LiveBeyond, thank you for being a key part of creating change. Your donations make a difference, and we appreciate it! More mothers can have sanitary and safe deliveries. More babies continue to receive the quality care they deserve. And more families are living healthier lives.

We are so grateful for partnerships that help us accomplish these great successes. We know that the work we do here at LiveBeyond is making an impact because of your support. Thank you for being a part of that and making a difference with us! If you haven’t had a chance to get involved yet, you can do so today by visiting our page here

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