Sep 13, 2022 . 2 weeks ago

Sustainable Communities – Meeting the Needs

At LiveBeyond, our mission is to provide healthcare, nutrition, and education to women and children in need. We want to be able to meet the physical needs of the most vulnerable populations. Also, we want to help create more sustainable communities. While meeting the needs of individuals is typically our first interaction, our deepest priority is to connect with them spiritually. Our goal is to use our resources, talents, & time to provide a loving presence in the lives of those suffering. As we connect with people, we hope they will feel valued and supported by us and others around them.

Time and time again, we see this example provided to us by Jesus. He was quick to heal, provide food and water, and see that the needs of people were taken care of. We are striving to do the same and be like Jesus at LiveBeyond. We do this through each of our programs, and one specific way is through the LiveBeyond school. Each child receives free, quality education while also being able to have the Bible taught to them each day. 

Our vision is to create an environment where people can thrive. We believe that when we help others become self-sufficient and provide them with the tools to succeed, they are able to make a difference in their world. We are excited to see God’s work continue in Thomazeau, Haiti. As long as there is a need for quality healthcare, clean water, food, and education for children, we will continue to help those in need.

While LiveBeyond strives to meet the needs of the individuals in Thomazeau, our ultimate goal is for all to know and love the Lord. The LiveBeyond Pastors are doing an excellent job living a life filled with the Spirit and sharing the good news with each person they come in contact with. Also, all of the LiveBeyond staff do a great job of shining their light through all of their work. We are very grateful to the pastors and the staff for their efforts to share the love of the Lord with others! 

We encourage each of you to reach out to your community. You can share the love of the Lord with all you come in contact with, just like the LiveBeyond pastors. At LiveBeyond, we are excited to see what God will do in Thomazeau and beyond.  The LiveBeyond team is committed to serving the people of Thomazeau!

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