Dec 14, 2021 . 2 years ago

The LiveBeyond Haiti Team

We are getting close to closing out another year, which brings about reflection on all that has transpired throughout 2021. 

As we reflect on this past year, in many ways it feels like the last 12 months have come and gone so quickly. In other ways, it feels like the pause button has been hit, and the year has lingered on. While there have been many tragedies experienced all throughout the world, there have also been great blessings.

Through it all, the Lord remains faithful, and we remain hopeful at LiveBeyond!

– When the Haitian president was assassinated, the LiveBeyond employees remained faithful to the Lord. 

– When the earthquake struck southern Haiti, the LiveBeyond employees prepared quickly to provide resources. 

– While kidnappings and violence continue, the LiveBeyond team takes on more responsibilities to remain strong, supportive, and steadfast to their community. 

In continuation to support the transformational change that the LiveBeyond employees are creating in Thomazeau, Haiti, your year-end giving has the opportunity to triple its impact, and here is how: 

1. Your donation to support local jobs directly reinforces the mission of LiveBeyond to provide healthcare, nutrition, and education to at-risk populations.

2. Your donation provides steady and plentiful income to local employees. LiveBeyond employees make nearly 7x the average Haitian income.

3. Your donation allows families to thrive so they can therefore give back and provide for their community. 

Give a Year-End Gift

So, when you give to support the local jobs in Thomazeau, Haiti, you can know your donation is going beyond! All donations from now through the end of the year will be going to support the local jobs in Thomazeau. Your donation will help to continue the transformational change that is currently taking place. 

We thank you for your continuous support and generosity that is helping to change, save, and transform lives!

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