Aug 16, 2023 . 11 months ago

The LiveBeyond School is Growing!

The 2023 School Fundraiser is well on its way, and LiveBeyond thanks everyone who has already donated! Your gifts provide free and high-quality Christian education to the children of Thomazeau. We are encouraged by your support and willingness to help LiveBeyond make a difference in Haiti through education, which paves the way for children to succeed and reach their full potential.

This Year

With your support, we have accomplished a lot and are making a difference in the Thomazeau area. Together we have been growing the LiveBeyond School for the last 5 years. And now, because of your support, this year, the LiveBeyond School will be able to offer K-12th grade classes for the first time ever! LiveBeyond is thrilled to have a school where children are learning, growing, and thriving. The remarkable LiveBeyond teachers and administrators work very hard and go the extra mile to see their students succeed. And it shows. Our students rank among the top in the country of Haiti, and our university teachers do, too!

Today, Laurie has a message to share with you about how your support is making a tangible impact on the LiveBeyond School, its staff, and most of all, its students.

LiveBeyond School

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LiveBeyond is committed to continue increasing access to education in Haiti because the need is still great. So many children across Haiti are not able to attend school. Children’s education is being interrupted due to buildings being destroyed by natural disasters, tuition fees that are too expensive for families to afford, and rising gang violence that threatens their safety.

2023 School Fundraiser

LiveBeyond is determined to provide the Thomazeau community with a high-quality education at no cost to them. But we need your help to do so. As Laurie said, this year, the 2023 School Fundraiser will go toward:

– Student curriculum and books for all grades

– Teacher and administrator salaries for the year  

– Nutritious meals for all students, teachers, and staff. 

Support Our School

Your gift today will help create positive change in the lives of students and their families, as well as in the lives of teachers and all school staff. Education has the power to start a chain reaction toward better opportunities and a higher quality of life. Together, we can help the children of Thomazeau, Haiti receive an education and reach their full potential. 

Start living beyond yourself today by giving to the 2023 School Fundraiser! Support Our School

Thank you for partnering with LiveBeyond to create a long-term, positive impact in the lives of children, their families, and the community. LiveBeyond is blessed to have you as a part of the LiveBeyond Family.

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