Oct 05, 2021 . 3 years ago

The Maternal Health Program Continues to Progress

With maternal health being one of our main focal points in Thomazeau, Haiti, we have been able to make significant strides of improvement in the community. We truly believe healthy moms produce healthy children, which creates healthy communities. 

Nevertheless, too many women and children continue to suffer all over the world. At LiveBeyond, we will not stand for this. So, we will do everything we can to change one life at a time. One way we do this in Thomazeua, Haiti is through providing proper healthcare and nutrition to the women and children in need.

A key component to mother and child health is the first one thousand days of life. So at LiveBeyond, we have implemented strategies to ensure these vital days are highly prioritized. 

Dr. Vanderpool has written an ebook to discuss the importance of the first one thousand days, maternal health problems faced in developing nations, and the progress created through the LiveBeyond maternal health program. Click the button below to download and read the ebook. 

Click Here to Download & Read

There are multiple factors that have allowed the maternal health program to see such great success. 

  1. The wonderful LiveBeyond nurses and doctor. 
  2. The support and generosity from the LiveBeyond family. 
  3. The Thomazeau community putting its trust in the LiveBeyond program. 


Without each of these factors, the mother and child program would not see the success it does. We are grateful to you for your generosity and grateful for the dedication from the LiveBeyond staff. Also, we are so thankful that the community has accepted us with open hearts. 

We will continue to stay dedicated to implementing solutions, which will enhance the lives of the mothers, children, and community. 

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