Mar 02, 2020 . 4 years ago

The Same God

God is the same God in my own life as He is in yours, and anywhere else.

As I reflect on my summer in Haiti, I have to come to terms with the fact that many times in my life I have found myself not believing this truth about Him. Not believing His eternal promise. Not believing His plan is sovereign. Not believing that Almighty God has the power to trump circumstance and meet with you and me, wherever we are at. This summer, any ounce of that belief was shattered and replaced with unexplainable joy and realization that the same God that spoke and moved powerfully in Haiti in tangible ways this summer can and does the same in my life in the United States.

It took a long time for me to finally grasp this, and I can only imagine that I am probably not the only one that has felt stuck in this boat at one time or another.

Freedom in Christ came like a flood when the Lord continued to reveal how His love and power know no bounds. His love is strong and relentless, and His love can cut into the deepest places of your heart that you think surely no one can reach. His hand is powerful and can redeem the darkest of situations and replace them with light and hope.

Evelyn taught me this. Mazy taught me this. Sophie taught me this. And Gary, Willy, Stevenson and Gerline too. I saw people love Jesus in a whole new way while in Haiti. It didn’t require a fancy church building or having their morning coffee and devotional book with a picture on social media to prove that you follow Jesus Christ. It didn’t require them to be 3-day-a-week bloggers. It didn’t even require shoes on their feet. I was humbled to be so lucky to spend six weeks living around and getting to know these precious people, people that became my friends. Their faith challenged me. It made me yearn for something deeper, for the Lord to speak to me through His word, and for me to step outside of my comfortable life and take a risk for the cause of Christ. Their faith completely changed the way I had once viewed what relationship with the Father is supposed to be. I learned it’s supposed to be genuine, conversational, and unrehearsed. I learned that we serve the Almighty God who is worthy of all honor, glory, and praise. But what I learned most of all was that it isn’t about us. It really isn’t. And one day the king of glory will return in power and separate those who have served him and those who did not. And I want to be able to stand in confidence before the King of Glory and for Him to recognize my face as one who served “the least of these.”

But what next?

I got home and found the first few weeks difficult to adjust to the American way of life. I began to question why I wasn’t hearing from God or why there are no “the least of these” people in my life. I wasn’t seeing opportunities to serve. “Where are you God?” I found myself asking. And then it came- a still small voice- I AM the same yesterday, today, and forever My child. My love knows no end.

Jesus loves me the same amount as he did the lepers 2,000 years ago. The Holy Spirit moves in you the same ways today as in the early church in Acts. And God is the same God in the United States as He is in Thomazeau, Haiti. His hand is never too short to save. It never has and never will be, and I think that is something worth celebrating.

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