Nov 30, 2021 . 2 years ago

Today is the BIG day! It’s Giving Tuesday!

Giving Tuesday is here! Today is the day that you can give to LiveBeyond and triple your impact!

Give to GivingTuesday

As you know, LiveBeyond implements programs to help provide lifegiving healthcare, nutrition that is critical to growth and development, and game-changing education. 

The LiveBeyond programs have positively touched thousands of lives and are making a meaningful difference in Thomazeau, Haiti.

The reason these programs have been wildly successful is because of the amazing 97 local employees.

The impact your donations have on the community of Thomazeau is because of these wonderful employees and the incredible work they do.

And today, your donation to support local jobs is an investment in the future of Haiti

Give to GivingTuesday

Your donations to LiveBeyond make an incredible impact on the livelihoods and futures of not only LiveBeyond employees but of their children, extended families, and the entire community. 

For the first time, these families are receiving steady incomes that are significantly higher than jobs they could find in Thomazeau. 

This means that when you give to LiveBeyond to support local jobs, you are impacting:

– The recipients of the 7,000 meals provided every week,

– Hundreds of mothers and children who receive healthcare, nutrition, & maternal education,

– Students and teachers involved with the school,

– The Johnny’s Kids program,

AND the extended families of every recipient and of every employee who makes your impact a reality and the entire community of Thomazeau, Haiti.

So, this Giving Tuesday, choose to give beyond by supporting the local jobs in Thomazeau, Haiti!

Give to GivingTuesday

Thank you for supporting LiveBeyond and being part of our community!

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