Nov 09, 2021 . 3 years ago

Triple Your Impact this GivingTuesday with LiveBeyond

We hope you are enjoying this beautiful fall season and looking forward to time with loved ones as the holidays quickly approach. 

Amongst the holidays is lots of football, family, and feasting, and it is also a wonderful time to give back. GivingTuesday will be here in three short weeks on November 30th and is one of the biggest global movements of giving back!

This GivingTuesday, you have the opportunity to triple your impact.

Give to GivingTuesday

When you give to LiveBeyond, you help provide more than just healthcare, nutrition, and education for at-risk populations. Your donations create an impact that goes further by supporting local jobs!

Thanks to generous supporters like you, LiveBeyond provides jobs to 97 Haitian employees local to Thomazeau. And the work of this remarkable team is making an incredible difference in their community!

The LiveBeyond Haiti team successfully executes: 

– Ensuring the mothers in the maternal health program receive quality care 

– The students at the LiveBeyond school receive proper education 

– The food and nutrition program feeds the mouths of thousands of hungry children 

AND they go beyond outside of work to take it upon themselves to care for others in their community

They go beyond in many ways! From taking starving children into their own homes, starting their own businesses to fuel the local economy, and creating agricultural initiatives to provide more food in the area, so many of our staff members are beaming rays of bright light to their neighbors.

Give to GivingTuesday

This GivingTuesday, we invite you to support local jobs in Thomazeau, Haiti. When you give to support the local jobs, you are tripling the impact of your donation. 

Here is how your impact is tripled: 

1. Your donation to support local jobs directly reinforces the mission of LiveBeyond to provide healthcare, nutrition, & education.

2. Your donation provides steady and plentiful income to local employees. (The average LiveBeyond employee makes nearly 7x the average Haitian income.)  

3. Your donation allows families to thrive so they can therefore give back and provide for their community. 

So, when you give to support the local jobs in Thomazeau, Haiti, you can know your donation is going beyond! 

When individuals have secure jobs, they can support their families, and when families are well taken care of, they can better support their community.

Give to GivingTuesday

We are grateful to serve at-risk populations with loyal and generous supporters like you. 

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