Oct 17, 2023 . 6 months ago

Update: Haiti & Israel

A lot can happen in 23 years. When Dr. David and Laurie Vanderpool founded LiveBeyond in 2005, they felt called to serve those in greatest need. The Lord guided them to Thomazeau, Haiti, and in 2021, to a village on the outskirts of Jerusalem, Israel. Both communities were suffocating beneath the weight of extreme poverty, violence, oppression, and disease. As the Vanderpools shared their plight and sought others to support their mission, people like you stepped in. With time, hard work, your donations, and God’s abundant blessings:

– Schools and hospitals were built.

– Our Johnny’s Kids program welcomed and nurtured children with disabilities.

– Local doctors and teachers were hired.

– Water purification pumps were installed.

– LiveBeyond partnered with other organizations to provide nutritious food.

– A thriving farm emerged from barren land.

– And the people in our Haitian and Israeli communities experienced the wonders of God’s unfailing love.

Thank you, LiveBeyond Family, for sharing your resources and prayers and for trusting us with your money. Together, we are impacting lives in unimaginable ways. Here’s a quick summary of what’s been happening in Thomazeau and Israel’s West Bank: 


We added a 12th grade this year to the LiveBeyond School, where students receive a tuition-free, Christian-led education. Thanks to you, proceeds from our 2023 school fundraiser are providing children, teachers, and staff with two nutritious meals per day. The LiveBeyond Maternal Health Program is serving 1400 mothers per day, and the child mortality rate is down 55%. And … 100% of the Thomazeau community and portions of the surrounding areas receive clean water from 97 purification pumps installed and managed by LiveBeyond. Thanks to you, 200,000 people now experience a higher quality of life and far fewer illnesses. 


The LiveBeyond School and Johnny’s Kids program are having a huge impact on children and their families. Students with disabilities receive medical attention, along with physical and speech therapy. This past summer, LiveBeyond offered a summer camp – a wonderful new experience for most of these children who live in a war-torn, violent world. For their exhausted and stressed mothers, LiveBeyond organized special gatherings and a support group where parents of children with disabilities can share their experiences. 

For details on all the ways your donations are making a positive difference, download the LiveBeyond Impact Report.  LiveBeyond and the people we serve thank you for being a hero.

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