Building Communities

Poverty tears communities down. But healthy communities
are built from the ground up. LiveBeyond's 3-tiered approach
to Community Development strikes at each facet of poverty so
that we can holistically treat the issue at the root of the source.


Communities in the developing world often don't have the basic tools for the survival of their citizens. The Surviving Community programs provide the basic necessities for survival. They are critical, especially for the vulnerable - children, pregnant and nursing mothers, and at-risk individuals.

DISASTER RELIEF: We have been responding to natural and man-made disasters since 2005.

CLEAN WATER: Through responsible well-drilling and water filtration units, LiveBeyond has provided the entire region of Thomazeau with access to clean water.

CLINIC: LiveBeyond provides medical care to residents of Thomazeau through the LiveBeyond Medical Clinic. We see approximately 12,000 patients each year.

MATERNAL HEALTH:Giving birth in Haiti is extremely dangerous. But we believe that every life matters. This program provides for over 300 women each year.

COMMUNITY HEALTHCARE WORKER PROGRAM: Trained medical professionals will find and provide health care to at risk individuals in their homes.

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Providing for basic needs is not sustainable. It can also create a sense of dependency on a mission. We want to work ourselves out of a job, so we offer educational opportunities to help communities move from surviving to thriving.

KÈ POU TIMOUN: Translating to "Hearts for Children," this program encompasses the LiveBeyond School, the Johnny's Kids program for children with disabilities, and the Child Nutrition program. Through each program, we are working to provide the best future possible for the children in the Thomazeau area.

AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT: 80% of Haitians are employed through agriculture. LiveBeyond's demonstration farm is a place where Haitian farmers and specialists can learn appropriate techniques for improved agriculture systems.

CHRISTIAN MINISTRY: Everything we do is centered around spreading the Gospel. LiveBeyond offers discipleship classes, pastoral training, and conducts regular evangelism outreach to reach people at all walks of life with the Good News. We see an average of 100 baptisms per year.

HOUSE BUILDING:Many Haitians face the onslaught of natural disasters without reliable shelter. This program empowers locals to finance home construction through money management training and no-interest loans while creating job for local construction workers.

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When qualified, educated adults are able to provide for the needs of their families, poverty is defeated and sustainable communities are created. Some of our programs are designed to ensure that systems are in place to reach this level of sustainability.


Creating sustainable solutions for poverty takes lots of energy. And LiveBeyond refuses to have a negative impact on our environment. We utilize inverter systems, solar energy, and (soon) wind energy to offset costs, achieve energy independence, and be as environmentally-friendly as possible.


LiveBeyond works to build relationships with government officials, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to advocate on behalf of those without a voice.


LiveBeyond strives to meet WHO Sustainable Development Goals to create better living conditions around the world.

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LiveBeyond is a registered 501(c)(3)
nonprofit organization