Jul 14, 2020 . 4 years ago

Why Maternal & Child Health?

Maternal and child health is one of LiveBeyond’s main focuses in the Thomazeau community. We chose this as a focus area because too many women and children are suffering. At LiveBeyond we want to create change in the maternal mortality rate, help sustain healthy children, and see children with special needs empowered. We can’t stand by and watch these tragedies take place. With your help and support, we are able to make sure the women and children of Thomazeau are strong, healthy, and thriving. 

1) Maternal Mortality

When we first began our work in Thomazeau, we realized women did not have access to proper healthcare that they so desperately need. This being the case, maternal mortality rates were high. In response, we created the maternal health program in 2012 to combat this issue. In doing so we have been able to decrease the maternal mortality rate by 60%! Simply providing proper healthcare before, during, and after pregnancy has saved a significant number of lives in Thomazeau. We will continue to enhance healthcare in Thomazeau to save and improve as many lives as we can. 

2) Healthy Children Become Healthy Adults

According to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Haiti’s population is very young with 34% of the population being under the age of 15 and more than 50% under the age of 23. These numbers tell us that much of Haiti’s population isn’t reaching peak adulthood. Unfortunately, much of this is due to inadequate healthcare and nutrition. We believe that healthy children will turn into healthy adults. That is why we find it so important to ensure the children of Thomazeau are healthy and thriving. 

3) Vulnerable Children with Special Needs

Children with special needs are often more vulnerable to other health complications, and in Haiti, they are more vulnerable to abuse. While these children already face enough hardship in life, we want to see them healthy, happy, and thriving. We created Johnny’s Kids for children with special needs to have a safe haven. This is a place where they receive needed therapy, healthcare, and most importantly, love. Mental health is a major part of overall health. That is why we believe showering these children with love is so critically important to see them thrive.

Implementing simple but proper healthcare into the Thomazeau community is saving and enhancing lives. While we have made an impact in our time here, we will continue to improve our work to enhance maternal and child health. If you would like to give hope today, click here to make a donation. 

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