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World Environment Day 2023

Yesterday, on June 5th, World Environment Day celebrated its 50th anniversary. This year’s theme was Solutions to Plastic Pollution. Plastic production and use keep growing around the world, and as a result, plastic pollution is on the rise as well. The issue of plastic pollution is a global problem that affects all countries. Problems that arise from pollution, climate change, and natural disasters can put more strain on at-risk communities. 

Often, the countries that are hit hard by pollution, climate change, and natural disasters are countries that do not have the infrastructure or the resources to respond and recover. According to The World Bank, “over the past 30 years, Haiti has been hit by six large hurricanes.” And since 1953, Haiti has experienced six major earthquakes. These natural disasters have caused thousands of deaths and crippled infrastructure and industries throughout Haiti. Families left with no homes have been displaced, and government and businesses have lost a space from which to operate. These disasters have dealt Haiti’s economy a huge blow and have left a void where too often, corruption and violence have taken root.

Environmental Struggles Haitians Face

Throughout history, Haiti has experienced severe deforestation. As a result, areas without trees and tree roots are susceptible to landslides when flooding occurs. Places like Port au Prince are in floodplains and are especially vulnerable to flooding. When flooding and landslides happen, homes, businesses, and farmlands are often in the path of destruction. 

Clean water can be hard to find in Haiti due to poor water and waste management. Flooding and other natural disasters make access to clean drinking water even more difficult and increase the risk of water-borne diseases. 

Farmers are also affected when weather patterns change or natural disasters hit. Farmers struggle to grow crops and make ends meet with unpredictable weather events. When crop yields are low, there is less food available to feed the community. Climate change and natural disasters have a massive impact on the success of crops and the food supply chain in Haiti.

How LiveBeyond is Helping

In the midst of all these challenges, the people of Haiti are resilient. LiveBeyond is committed to working with Haitians to build sustainable communities that not only survive environmental challenges but thrive! 

LiveBeyond’s clean water initiative provides and maintains clean water wells for 100% of our target area in the Thomazeau community. This initiative is reducing the spread of water-borne diseases and is providing proper hydration for overall better health.

Additionally, LiveBeyond is taking steps to be environmentally friendly by using solar energy to power the base. The installation of solar panels on the base has allowed LiveBeyond to use significantly less fuel to power generators for electricity. Though generators are still in use on occasion, primarily relying on solar energy has been a key component of building sustainable efforts in our region of Thomazeau. 

At the LiveBeyond Farm, we teach farmers how to make their farms more resilient to changing weather and natural disasters. Farmers learn about different crops suitable for growing in Haiti, as well as new techniques to promote a more successful yield and a more reliable livelihood. 

The produce from the LiveBeyond Farm also helps provide fresh food to the LiveBeyond Nutrition Program. The crops are used to help make over 7,000 meals a week to be given out to mothers and children in the Maternal Health Program, the LiveBeyond school & Johnny’s Kids, as well as to children in neighboring schools and the LiveBeyond staff and their families. 

Everyone Can Make a Difference

The Thomazeau community and the LiveBeyond staff are working together to make Thomazeau more resilient and prosperous. By working with the community, LiveBeyond is helping create sustainable solutions that will benefit all of Thomazeau. As we celebrate World Environment Day 2023, we encourage everyone to do what they can and be good stewards of the world God has given us. At LiveBeyond, we believe that everyone can make a difference. 

Join LiveBeyond this World Environment Day in being mindful of the impact that our actions can have on the environment and vulnerable populations. By working together, we can help create a more sustainable and thriving future for Haitians.

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